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Why It’s Not Easy to be a Celebrity?


It is pretty to assume that it would actually be easy to become a celebrity with the big pay and all. It is not all that glitz and glamour for celebrities as there are also some downsides to becoming one.

The Rumor Mill

There will always be fake stories that will be spread about you on the Internet. Believe it or not, you will never really know who started these rumors. Before you know it, it’s already too late and the fake rumor has spread to many people already.

Paparazzi Photographers

These are pesky photographers who would want to photograph each and every one of your moves and put it on their website. It is actually their job to do that and you can’t hurt them for it or else you are going to get sued. Yes, the owner of TMZ is actually a lawyer and he knows firsthand that they are allowed to photograph celebrities’ every move and make a business out of it. It is true how they will become quite a bit of a pest at some point. The only way to get these people to stop following you is to not become a celebrity.

No Privacy

Not only will you get bothered by pesky photographers all the time, there is always the chance that interviewers would ask about your private life. There is that pressure of telling them the truth or not. If you choose not to tell them the truth, keep in mind that they will find out anyway so you have no choice but to spill the beans. The fact of the matter is that it would be difficult to get some privacy.

Get Bashed Online

There are a lot of insecure people online and they won’t waste time bashing on you Twitter whenever they feel like it. Just when you think about suing these bashers, there are just too many of them and you will just spend money for that. As a result, you have no choice but to live with the fact that you have bashers and new ones will pop up each day.

Creepy Stalkers

It is quite possible to have random people follow you and ruin your quality time with your family or friends. Add that to the fact that they would follow you online when you post your every move on social media.

The Pressure

When you are out in public, people will recognize you so you must always look good. When they ask you to have a picture with them and you refuse, then that is going to be all over the Internet. The same goes when you are not looking good and you decide to say yes to the picture. That would mean that you will be pressured to look great every time you go out of your house.

In conclusion, better weigh the pros and cons of becoming a celebrity before becoming one. It is true that you will get fame and fortune but that will come at a price so better think long and hard before wanting to become one.

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