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Some Main Nutrition Misconceptions that even Healthy Conscious People Follow


Nowadays, with plenty on information available on the internet, it is easy than ever to find any info on nutrition and health. However, this doesn’t imply that all the information you see would be reliable or true at all. Certain myths revolve that won’t die even after getting ambushed through scientific evidence.

The reason for keeping these myths alive is a hint of truth present in them. Some might even sound pretty logical and reasonable even without getting clean chit from science. Unless we’ve pursued the source research material, trusting everything taught by health and fitness gurus isn’t a challenge at all, even when research is pointing out towards other possibilities.

Unlike early times, info on food can easily spread and thanks to internet and specifically ubiquitous phone and social media. There are many ludicrous claims that help for the same.

It isn’t simple to put out the facts from the fiction as anyone would believe. Thus, before arriving to a conclusion depending on heard things, it is important to check authenticity sources. Information on nutrition constantly expands and new studies are continuously getting carried for focusing on the widespread misconceptions. Following stated pointers help in quashing some misconceptions that are still revolving around despite all the available contrary evidence brought out against them.

Preferring Organic Food Items

The market for organic food is always on the rise with new competitors entering every now and then. This is because organic food is thought to be good for environment and healthy for consumption in general. Among major reasons for selecting organic foods is that they’re devoid of any synthetic pesticides. All used pesticides on the organic food products are, natural. However, the contradicting fact is that all the so called natural pesticides haven’t been put to major tests, therefore, it isn’t exactly known yet whether these are free from any side effects or not.

So does choosing organic food over the conventional ones offer you good health? Unfortunately, not a lot of research is there that correlates two. However, it doesn’t imply that organic health food is a bad thing to consume. According to a review posted by the “British Journal of Nutrition” they reported significantly low pesticide levels with high antioxidants in the natural process.

However, with the carried out analysis through Stanford scientists it was discovered having little discrepancies between all nutrients present in traditional and the organic process. Going for the organic food can minimize synthetic produce exposure to humans, but the food isn’t yet scientifically proven to result in better overall health.

Consuming Foods that State “all-natural” in Their Labels

There are many companies in the food industry that mislead customers with the info on their labels. It is common for consumers to invariably become prey of certain labeling like “all-natural”, when they don’t mean a lot. The labels on the package of products are typically just tactics of marketing for boosting profit and sales. FDA hasn’t officially defined “natural foods”. It also doesn’t have any issues with liberal terminology use through companies, provided that the marketed product isn’t containing any artificial flavors, added colors or synthetic colors.

Various “all-natural” food products are available with fructose corn syrup along with ingredients that are genetically-engineered. Let’s suppose, raisin bran can get sold with the natural claim even after the raisins getting soaked in corn and sugar syrup. Foods containing the labels all natural can significantly get loaded through sugar, calories, fats, and sodium.

Therefore before making a purchase it is vital to confirm whether all products marketed with “all-natural” claim are genuinely natural or not. Generally all claimed natural food products are expensive and ending up paying higher for something you only believe to be a healthy food source isn’t wise at all.

People Believe that Diets Labeled as Gluten Free are Healthly

Presently most consumers are paranoid of buying gluten-rich food products. Gluten is however, bad for celiac disease patients. Gluten intolerance can get diagnosed with fatigue and abdominal issues after consuming gluten and upon confirmation that this is due to celiac disease.

While there isn’t any medical reason for staying away from gluten rich foods, science doesn’t tell eliminating gluten food from human diet that would help in betterment of health. Research states, after eliminating whole grains in diet, we’re at higher risk of catching cardiovascular disease. Gluten is present in various carbohydrate rich food sources like wheat, barley and rye. Some food containing ingredients like biscuits, cakes, pastries can become unhealthy. It probably explains bad press that surrounds for gluten. To put it up, we shouldn’t fear gluten when zero health issues are present.

Low Items of Fat Should be Purchased

Getting more weight because of consuming fat wouldn’t sound logical, but all things aren’t straightforward. A carried out study in 2008 through New England Journal of Medicine, stated that people consuming little or zero carbohydrates lost their body weight of 62% higher than cutting fat from the diets. Various misconceptions for the fat’s human diet role are tackled in final 10 years.

It is important opt for the low-fat food items as we assume they are healthy options. However, we don’t realize that the manufacturers can invariably add up unhealthy ingredients like stabilizers, flavoring and sugar to low fat food items for tasting better. Requirement of the hour would be cutting out unhealthy fats from food and leaving all the unhealthy fats untouched.

Bodies need unsaturated fats. All the facts are linked with low levels of cholesterol and can be available in nuts, oils, avocado, oily fish and seeds.

Fruit Juices Should must be Consumed

Fruit juices are loaded with nutrients like vitamin C, but they’re also sugar and calorie rich liquids. Sometimes fruit juice can contain more calories than soft drinks.

Fruit juices in markets aren’t general high quality juices as labeled, but they’re mixed with flavor packs for restoring natural flavor lost in processing.

Juices are of only little bit high quality when compared to flavored water. Also, phytonutrients in fresh and raw fruits aren’t present in their juices. Thus, consuming the fruit in natural form is much healthier.

We Perceive Natural Sugar Healthier than Processed Sugar

The ingested sugar gets broken down within bodies like glucose, which later gets used through cells as energy. Fructose, a sugar form, is also a source of energy as it is processed to glucose.

The only difference in fruit sugars is that the availability of vitamins and minerals from the fruits.

What matters the most is the sweet quantity consumed “consuming lots of honey or agave syrup can result in same health issues, despite nothing being “processed” about these foods.

Go for vegetables and fruit based sugar as you get maximum nutrients. It’s best to always avoid additives.

We go for Eggs with Brown Shells

The color of an eggshell with the size would depend on the breed of the hen. Hens having white feathers typically lay white colored eggs. Brown feathered chickens are known to lay brown colors eggs. Taming chickens with white feather isn’t expensive as the feeding requirements aren’t the same. Due to this reason white eggs are common, and the brown eggs can sell for slight premium. According to many studies, no major differences are present between brown and white eggs.

A lot of researchers believe that no difference is between both these. The yolk of brown egg looks and tastes different, because of the chickens feed. Regardless of different hen feather colors, yolks can be of same color when they’re eating same food.

Consuming lots of Energy Bars

Grabbing a bite of energy bar perpetually is the food that most people consume when searching for a quick and nutritious snack. The bars can typically be found in health food section of the grocery store. We also believe that consuming energy bars of small sizes are the healthy options compared to conventional chocolate bars in market. However, this isn’t necessarily true as ingredients put into the energy bars aren’t necessarily healthy, like sugar. Also these bars are available with chocolate coatings.

The ingredients put into your energy bar decide whether it is healthy or not. Ones that contain fruits and nuts can qualify as healthy. A few bars are low on saturated fat content and sugar and have higher protein and fiber content.

These are highly satisfying and nutritious snacks. Consuming higher-calorie energy rich bar would be fine when you’re using it for replacement of meals. When not, you can stick back to bars of 200 calorie count or less.

Consuming Sports Drinks after Exercise

You won’t need sports drinks when you’re not at least training for about an hour. Sports drinks have been designed for helping athletes working out for more time periods. These drinks aren’t meant for the recreational athlete. When you’re exercising at any moderate to high intensity for around 60 minutes in stretch, you would require sports drink.

Note that sports drink consist of around 50% of calories present in fruit juice contents or regular soda. You must excessively consume sports drinks and you’ll notice the calorie consumption up quickly. Drinking at times also nullifies all benefits associated with exercising. Drinking around 6 – 8% carbohydrates slow down speed from which liquids and foods exit your stomach, resulting in nausea, diarrhea and cramps.

Water works well if you training schedule isn’t over an hour. You can easily find flavored watery drinks offering replenishment without increasing calorie count.

Buying Imported Produce

Some health food enthusiasts believe that imported produce is better than the local produce. Although this would prove true sometimes, but it isn’t always case. Local grown orange in natural way is a lot healthier option compared to the imported orange. Harvesting of imported fruit can get carried in off season, then you can easily ship the fruit globally, depleting nutrient amount in fruits in process. All imported fruits typically don’t contain nutrients typically present in local grown fruits. Purcashing local produce lets buyers reap all benefits associated with seasonal variety. When a vegetable or fruit gets harvested in right time when quickly consumed after harvest, it can taste magical. The locally made produce doesn’t travel meaning that these are environment friendly.

Likelihood of the produce becoming contaminated is low as well. With the imported health products, you should also consider the importer of the item along with product type, manufacturer and dates of storage.

People Believe that Salt isn’t Good for Health

Almost everyone is taught that consuming excessive amounts of salt results in harm in the bodies. According to studies, the excessively consumption results in high levels of kidney disorders, blood pressure and heightened cognitive deterioration risks. On other side, the salt is vital for the overall well-being, and the bodies also need this mineral.

A lot people think that salt itself is a bad thing, which isn’t correct at all. Salt can only turn bad when taken in high amounts. Various cardiovascular issues can arise due to both low and high salt intake.

Decreasing salt quantity in your food helps people having increased problems of blood pressure. At the times, these people don’t know about the salt quantity that they’re ingesting as processed foods they’re consuming have lots of salt.

Such people benefit through adding unprocessed foods in their diet plan as it significantly decreases consumption of salt.

Consuming Snacks Late at Night Can Result in Weight Gain

People think that snacking in late night leads to weight gain. Many reasons are there due to which eating late night hinders weight loss process.

First reason is snacking on calories that we don’t require. Second reason here is that we eat after getting fatigued.

Eating at late night doesn’t directly result in increased weight, but snacking quantity can. Studies exhibit some fat-loss benefits for early consumers. However, benefit here isn’t much significant. Truth here is that it wouldn’t matter when we’re eating, but what we’re eating would count a lot. When skipping the lunch, we typically compensate for it later in evening through overeating. Therefore it would be vital when not eating straight for around four hours, and keeping check on the food portions left out.

We Indulge in Bottled Water Consumption

Typically we drink the bottled water in pretext that it is healthier compared to non-bottled and tap water. When NRDC (Natural Resources Defense Council) revised the bottled water for four years, it found out that the bottled water isn’t a lot safer or healthier in comparison to the tap water.

Findings from the University of Geneva also confirmed the same. Some water portions were also tap water filtered. Manufacturers of bottled water increasingly incorporated the BPA-free material plastic in production lines of bottles, but plastic bottle compromised of other chemicals leached in water when bottle got heat exposure or water stayed in bottle for long. In the developing nations, the bottled water can be a necessity, and one can’t deny the convenience of bottled water, mainly when they’re traveling and no source of drinking water is in vicinity. However, with final assessment, the tap water came up as the cheaper option with environment friendliness, and was safe just like the bottled water.

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