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Predicting your future job opportunities- Grooming now for the future


It is impossible to forecast and predict future job opportunities because we happen to work in an age where robots and automation are favored over workforce. You would be working in a company within the next 20 years that is not in existence now.

Career Growth and Automation

The work that is done by employees today have the possibilities to get automated. More and more workplaces are switching to automation and robotics processes. In the last 40 odd years, the world’s unemployment level is at an all time low. In the year 2018, the world’s unemployment scale has decreased to 5.2 percent.

It is true that automation through the usage of technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI) has managed to built economic growth, superior effectiveness and higher productivity. But these advancements have negatively impacted salaries, employment and expertise. Even though workplaces are choosing automation, there are many people who believes there will be no scarcity of jobs in the coming 20 years.

Just like in today’s time, robotics and automation will be able to create great opportunities in the near future. Nowadays, remote jobs are becoming common and communities are competing to search for potential aptitudes. Job opportunities in rural areas are offering people more flexibility to live. Whereas, in urban areas and towns, workplaces are finding it difficult to create work environment that can be considered as remote.

Other Alternatives

Freelancing has a great market in the near future. By freelancing, many people are showcasing their skills and earning money in the process. Corporations and Governments will be supporting this with flexible and proper campaigns and planning. Changes in concept of job and development needs to be scattered across the company in an unvarying manner. To keep up with the growth of the changes observed in technology, one needs to obtain new skills from various training classes and online courses.

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To make sure that the people are lithe enough to acclimate to social changes, they need to be better prepared. This is important as it will allow them to make a powerful network. This will make them eligible to work from anyplace, anywhere and anytime.

Improvement of Digital Technologies

Sadly, there is no magic ball which will forecast about expertise and skills that one needs in the coming decades. Nevertheless, we have succeeded to recognize a few options which can be useful for your growth in career in the near future. Digital technology is growing and this implies that one needs to be ready to handle an array of hurdles and opportunities. Wouldn’t it be great if you are bestowed with the capability to visualize and handle different complicated ideas instantaneously? If so, then you will show reliability which is what employees and managers of dedicated multi-taskers are looking for.

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As dependence of technology in work culture is developing in modern procedure, there has been a need for those who have abilities and skills that cab match up to it. You must know about STEM, but are you familiar with SMAC? Digital phrases are troubling us – this is believed by most people. However, it is forcing us to learn more and achieve greatness in emergent technologies like IoT (Internet of Things), Hadoop, Machine Learning and Data Science.

Can you endure this challenge?

It is true that automation and robotics technology happens to be more effectual than humans. But there are other areas like analytical problems and measurements where you can still be a person of importance.

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Social knowledge and emotions are still human strengths even if other things like sending reminders to report generation are being replaced by technologies. In some areas, these skills are still crucial. This is seen in the case of the growth of healthcare sector where certain positions still need the human aspect. In the coming years you will closely collaborate with other individual. So, you are going to need great collaborative capacity, communication skills and empathy.

The World Economic Forum has conducted a survey which suggested the improvement of the economy due to automation. This will develop new job opportunities in the coming days. The current technologies (digital) cannot represent natural talent. If you work outside the box, you will do just fine.

Next, we will discuss some solutions that will help to develop an appropriate work environment in the future.

Being Up-to-date

The dynamic world of technology demands the development of new skills. Thus, it is necessary for people to stay updated with the help of different training and courses. In this modern era, the current educational system is monotonous and too slow. So, we are in need of continuous development of educational system. We also need a society which supports the growth of this system. The refurbishing of this system should be free. It needs to be obligatory in pre-Kindergarten as well. So, education needs to remain available for the whole of lifespan.

It is the job of administration to adapt to the developing employees at each level. The companies need to do the same. Companies needs to invest in workers of the future generation. This will take the load off from the government. More resources are required for this which will help to employ new individuals. At the same time, they need to spend quite a lot of money in order to upgrade their existing employees. These steps should be backed up by tax policy. For instance, government should apply tax corporations for those former employees who are taking jobs that pay low amount and for those who are ending up unemployed.

For upcoming workplaces, competencies will be regarded as an issue. We need to ensure higher education is still effectual. A person can be knowledgeable about future job opportunities and climb up the ladder easily with the help of training courses and other workshops. The training needs to be affordable. This will ensure more people can learn new techniques and be able to deal with the challenges.

Protecting employees

The future is going to be different so the unemployment, education and income policies created in this era will not be enough in the coming decades. To assess them in the future, the government needs to originate new structure. Government or the system already know the issues related to unemployment. However, there has been a certain rise of employment. There is a need to find a way to allocate benefits for individuals so that they are blessed with permanent employment.

In a business, people deliberating graphs and chats manage to show the effort done with the help of efficacious teamwork. Here technological development in the workroom can change the game and provide better result altogether. In fact, to be fruitful in the long run, you need to take help of technological advancement. Fortunately, there are many different firms that have been created in order to teach new skills at a reasonable price. From trade unions to corporation, everyone should support this change. So, it is clear that our system needs to provide skills to people that are more effectual than computers. They need to develop certain qualities like adaptability, creativity, enthusiasm and collaboration.

The ideas of Myriad policy created in Denmark has managed to provide great benefits to the Danish government. The policies provide security in jobs. It also managed to protect the employees. The policies have acknowledged that huge investment is needed to conduct training classes. There are several other policies that is beneficial for employees. These policies also offer similar security in jobs. To embrace the inventiveness in this field, we need to push ourselves further. We need to collaborate with government in order to create opportunities. This can be done by means of new skills that can go head-to-head with the ever-changing automation. For the upcoming generation, this can act as a giant improvement.

Providing Freedom

Gender inequalities can be decreased in great extent by supporting flexible timing and remote employment. Gender inequalities is an issue which needs to be solved as soon as possible. This can help to boost employment contribution of women without a doubt. Both companies and government need to take joint action immediately to promote the living style of individuals through bigger authorization. By using agile planning and remote work this can be done. Generating a network can also boost employment participation of women.

In a job it is impossible and unrealistic to employ individuals with serious illnesses. It is also unrealistic in a job to employ single parents, newly married people and people with critical injuries. However, nowadays, there is a scope for these people to work from their own home remotely. They can be employed in this way. This helps them to make money as well. Working remotely from home would mean they can create their own work schedule as well.

There are many platforms like Upwork which are known for helping in this matter. They do this by providing easier and quicker interacting alternatives for both businesses and consumers. This strategy is to help people all over the world to better their living conditions.

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By producing more areas for job and openings, communities have been promoting self-employment. Several people would be benefitted from these new job opportunities. If the plan is utilized properly and lot of capitals are invested, then employees will also notice a good increment.


Robotics and automation are growing at an alarming rate during the last couple of years. They also happen to be cost-effective. The future generation that are coming can be benefitted from this change. So, from the government to normal people, everyone needs to come frontward and take the appropriate steps to increase work opportunities for the near future. This can be done by educating the participants with proper training classes and resources. We have to take in account that human begins needs to be well groomed and prepared to take on the automated technologies of the future.

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