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I Raised 2 CEO’s And a Doctor, What Mistakes Are Done Frequently By Parents?


Being a parent in a prominent family is both challenging and awkward, especially when there is extensive press and magazine covers. Every move is carefully documented, and it is like living under a microscope. Despite this, there are prominent parents, namely women, who have done an excellent job of raising their families while dealing with constant scrutiny and forging a trail through male-dominated professions.

Those in prominent positions often seek consultation with an expert for encouragement in their parenting and general advice. The following explains the basic morals that are required to become a respected and successful individual in society as well as being influential. The basis for these morals is generosity, which is often missing in the current social media climate.

Teach a Child to Take Action

The best lesson to start with is personal responsibility in regard to change. Societies do not evolve and become better when there is no one willing to step up and take action. Even when other people refuse to make an effort, it is vital to act and meet the immediate needs of the community. This also teaches empathy, which is a requirement in many areas of life.

Analysis has proven that children who develop a spirit of generosity early will carry the trait their entire lives and also teach their own offspring that actions make a stronger impact than words.

Make a Child Aware of Their Role in Society

When young people are forced by circumstance to endure challenging situations and intense emotions, their hearts and circulatory systems undergo negative changes that can shorten their lives. The result is the same for those who make poor choices in regard to friends and activities. According to 2016 research, those who engage in volunteer work are more likely to make positive strides in their lives, especially with education and career. They also have fewer arrests and court appearances from ages 24 to 34.

Parents are the most powerful role models a child has, and it is their responsibility to set the example of what they want their children to be in society. Those who are encouraged and motivated by their parents to be generous and empathetic will make the largest changes for good.

The need to raise mindful children is more important than ever in the world today. Too many are indulged with expensive items, vacations and other luxuries they do not require, leading to a crucial shift of values and an embrace of the self. An entire generation of young people is now coming of age after having been raised this way, and the impact is significant

Avoid Typical American Values

A common issue with children is thinking the world revolves around them. When they reach their teenage years, they lack the self-reliance and courage it takes to make the world a better place. At times, prominent American parents are so busy making money and moving up the corporate ladder, they use money and gifts to fill the parenting gap instead of teaching proper values.

This is often the result of being raised themselves by people who were focused on money and success, and did not help their children find deeper meaning in life. They earn large salaries without knowing how to be happy with the money or how to put it to work for others. In the United States, there is an emphasis on being wealthy, owning many expensive items and gaining large followings on social media. The reality is that such a shallow existence often leads to unhappiness and addiction, which may be passed onto children.

As an example, Silicon Valley is filled with millionaires, some of whom came into their wealth at a very young age without first knowing who they really were or which direction they wanted their lives to take. Having such vast amounts of money often results in a life that is largely unimportant, lacking in purpose and unhappy. These executives become withdrawn and antisocial.

The best approach is to show children that while money is nice, it is even better when it is used to make a difference. Other people always matter, even if they have fewer material things or opportunities. In the end, we are all the same.

Emphasize Service as a Priority

In America, there has been a large shift from community to the self. This has resulted in anxiety, stress, addiction and murder. A society cannot survive when there is no solid foundation beneath it. To reverse this trend, the emphasis on wealth and social standing must give way to service and purpose. While there is nothing wrong with working hard and earning a large amount of money to be comfortable, it is equally as important to ensure the comfort of those who are in need. Many communities are lacking resources to make the most basic improvements. This is a good starting point for change.

When children are young, they will benefit from joining Boy Scouts or Girl Scouts, both of which emphasize community service and teach basic life skills. This will help them to develop the mindset to volunteer and be of assistance whenever it is needed. In addition, volunteer work is a positive addition to college applications and will be attractive to employers after university.

Parents who are not sure where to begin or are already struggling with value problems within their families can simply adopt a positive attitude toward their children and themselves. A good, humble start is one hour per week of giving back to the local community and building from there. Going to public meetings and learning about the particular challenges of a city or neighborhood offers insight on where to focus assistance. It also presents an opportunity for children to interact with people different from themselves and to develop perspective outside of their own experience.

The main reason people are on Earth is to learn and help others resolve problems along the way. This very important lesson is one of the best gifts a parent can give their children, and it will keep on giving through future generations.

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