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How to Win Your Ex Back After a Break-up


While It is no surprise that relationships are complicated. Even great relationships sometimes come to an erupt end. Indeed, some relationships should come to an end. but, many relationships end because of words that were said out of anger or a mistake that should have been avoided.

Some people are ready for relationships to end. But, what about those hopeless romantics. What are they to do? They’ve invested so much time and energy into the relationship and they are not ready for it to come to an end. Does this sound like you? Have you lost the love of your life and you want to win them back? If you answered yes to this question. There is good news. There are some practical steps to take to win your ex back even if you had a messy break-up.

Smart Networking

You and your ex share many of the same friends. Use this to your advantage. It may seem sneaky but it really isn’t. They are still your mutual friends. Invite one of these friends for coffee. While you chat casually bring up your ex. Don’t get creepy. Simply ask how they are doing and send your regards. This will let them know that you are thinking of them and it could help mend your broken relationship.

Be Strategic

People are creatures of habit. You know where your ex likes to shop, eat, and hangout. Use this to casually run into them. Balance this step carefully or you could end up in stalker mode. If your ex likes to shop on Wednesdays at a particular store, show up there and say hi. You can have a brief chat. Maybe, next week plan on running into them at a coffee shop. Say hi, have a quick how are you doing. The idea is to see how they react to seeing you and to find out if there may still be a spark between the two of you. If there is a spark and you balance your run-ins, you may just rekindle your relationship.

Love Yourself

One of the hardest and most important things to do after a break-up is to take care of yourself. After a break-up is a great time to take the vacation that you have been putting off, read the book that has been sitting on your nightstand, or start a new exercise routine. The idea is to take some time for you. Clear your head and think about why the break-up happened. Are there things that you need to change? Take this time to work on yourself.

Be Romantic

Lack of romance is often the reason that many relationships come to an end. Sometimes people get comfortable and those romantic gestures that helped the relationship grow end, causing your significant other to feel unappreciated or even unloved. If you think lack of romance could have caused your relationship to end, a romantic gesture could be just the thing to win your sweetheart back. Don’t go overboard though. If your ex loves chocolate send them some along with a casual but sweet card on their birthday or another holiday.

Make Your Move at the Right Time

You can begin using these steps in hopes of winning your ex back after some time away from your ex and after some self-reflection. Just ease into each step and gauge how your ex responds. Send a friendly text on the day you just happen to run into them at the grocery store. If you feel that there is a spark move onto the romantic step. Send a sweet but casual gift to your ex. Send them something that will make them think of a fond memory the two of you shared.

Each step may have to be repeated several times. It may take many random meetings with your ex before you feel that you should move on to another step. On the flip side, you may have that one and just know that the time is right to make your move. Be patient, and pay attention to how your ex responds to you. If your relationship is worth fighting for, it is worth the time it takes to win your ex back.

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