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How To Deal With Fussy Eater Children


Almost all parents came at least one time to the problem with fussy eater children. And when you don’t know what to do then mealtimes can become a serious problem, for the children but also for the parent too.

Sometimes parents don’t know what exactly to do, and doing the wrong things can make damage the mental health of the kids and the parents. Many parents force their kids to eat whatever is for lunch or dinner with many different tactics, like bribing them with money or something else. For us, hamburger or pasta is a delicious meal when we are hungry, but for a toddler can be scary sometimes. And any way of forcing or bribing them can just make it worse. And here are some better tips for you when it comes to picky eaters.

Never Force Food

With many resources, scientists find out that forcing children to eat is not a good idea, especially if they had issues feeding since birth or with anxiety. Many mild and more served eating disorders are a result of separation from mother, traumatic birth, or issues with taking milk since birth.

Eating issues and disorders from a young age are usually common with the children that are born prematurely and those who needed ventouse to help them make it into the world. And if this is the case then you should stay mindful to never force them with food that scares them. You should try to find other food that they like and add more other food with time.

Offer Variety

One very good tip and maybe the best one is that parents offer more variety food to their fussy eater kids. Also, smoothies and juices can be added.

If the child have wider food range from a young age it’s more likely that it will eat more when it gets older. Because with the time kids tastebuds confirm more textures, flavors, and smells. But sometimes some kids have very sensitive tastebuds and something just like salt can appear spicy or too much to handle. So bringing a big variety of food and liquids on to the table is the best advice to see what kids like the best.

Little Food Scientist

One more good piece of advice for tricky eaters is to introduce them to the concept of ”little food scientist”. We know that many parents don’t have enough time for three meals a day, let alone fleshy, healthy cooked food. Sometimes because of the situation, kids can start looking at the food as a threat, and not a delicious meal. And this advice is for children to take interest in the concept of food. Parents need to spend time explaining and teaching them different kinds of food. Also, calorie counts can work very well, it’s just important that kids feel included and that they start seeing meal times and food objectively.

We know that sometimes can be really hard and stressful but you can just take it slow and go step by step.

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