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How to Be Authentic in Life?


There is always that growing temptation of buying luxurious stuff that you don’t really need. Not only will you spend your hard earned cash for it, you will find out too late that you will get tired of it a few months later. As a result, you don’t really accomplish much with it but just waste what you would have in life. Here are three simple ways to become really authentic in life no matter how young or old you are:

Accept Your True Feelings

Now is the time to accept what you truly stand for. For example, if you are all about saving the environment and against animal cruelty, then there is no need to invest in materials that are made out of leather. Of course, the manufacturers used the skin of innocent animals to make those things. There is really no explanation as to why those mean people exploit the live of innocent animals just to make wallets and belts. It is a shame how people like that exist. Even if people tell you that premium leather would last a while, you must not give in to that temptation. Besides, there are a ton of better alternatives that would not make you feel guilty about the things that you wear. Yes, there are some fruit leather items that don’t exploit the lives of animals who just want to live their lives.

Build Self-Confidence

There will always be people who will put you down in life. The best thing to do would be to move away from these people and move towards other people who would accept you for who you are. Yes, it would only be right to realize that not everyone would accept you for who you are. Also, you can’t really trust some people as there is a possibility they are nice in front of you then talking bad things about you behind your back. These are insecure people that should not have a place on this planet. It is hard to trust new friends so better get to know them first before fully telling them all of your secrets. It would be hard to open up to someone you just met at the office or at the bar. You may find out too late that they are telling other people what you are telling them because they enjoy it a lot when word goes around. Also, they would think that it makes them more popular than what they already are right now.

Behave Naturally

Better avoid behaving in such a way that would bother others. Of course, you would want to be yourself so there is no need to act in a way that you are truly not since that would certainly affect what other people would think of you. They would find out anyway that your behavior is truly fake and that will change the way they think about you. No matter how high you think of your idols, there is no need to spend harshly in order to keep up with their looks. Besides, they have sponsors for those clothes while you are spending your hard-earned cash. In fact, you will observe that they will change their attire as often as you change your underwear. You are going to realize that it won’t matter if you repeat what you wear every now and then as what matter is that you wear what you think feels comfortable. There is no need to wear your clothes just once as that would be a bit costly on your part. Also, act pretty nice to others if you want them to act the same way towards you. Yes, it costs nothing to act nice towards people and animals as that would help your cause on this planet.

Now that you know how to be authentic, the best part is that it is not that hard to accomplish the above items. You just need to satisfy the one person in the whole world who matters in your life and that is yourself. It won’t even feel hard at first as it would be something nice to get used to. In a matter of days, you will feel happy about yourself.

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