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Foods that can help clean your arteries and naturally prevent heart attacks


Unhealthy diets, stress, and physical inactivity are listed as the primary cause of stroke and heart attacks. The most prominent cause of heart issues are clogged arteries, this can result in your natural blood flow being blocked.

Your arteries, capillaries and other blood vessels make up a complex network that are parts of our circulatory system. Responsible for carrying oxygenated blood, these tubes travel around your body providing fuel for all your bodily functions.

Plaque is the most common term used to refer to accumulation are small blockages that occur in blood vessels. Most of these blockages result from cholesterol getting stuck to an artery wall. Thankfully, there are an abundance of natural ways to dramatically reduce this risk to your circulatory health. Eating any or all the foods listed below can help keep your arteries clean and unblocked.

#1 Asparagus

We know asparagus to reduce the level of bad cholesterol in your body. By adding it to your meals, you can effectively help prevent inflammation and unclog arteries.

#2 Avocado

Regularly eating avocados provide you with an excellent source of healthy fat. Considered one of the best ways to maintain the balance between good and bad cholesterol Avocados are excellent for your overall heart health.

#3. Blueberies

As well as being an excellent source of Vit C, blueberries are recognized as one of the best ways to fight my cholesterol and boost your good cholesterol levels. One of the easiest ways to consume deliveries is to take two glasses of blueberry juice regularly.

#4 Coffee

It surprises some people to find that research shows drinking a mug or two of coffee daily reduces the risk of stroke and heart attack.

#5 Curcumin

An excellent natural anti-inflammatory curcumin also has an active ingredient that can help prevent the accumulation of bad fats in your arteries.

#6 Cranberries

Another excellent source of vitamins and minerals that have been on school cholesterol and reduce blood cholesterol. Eating cranberries are drinking a glass of cranberry juice daily can reduce your chance of developing heart problems, but after 40%.

#7 Nuts

An excellent source of unsaturated fats and omega-3 fatty acids makes nuts and a highly effective way of reducing cholesterol. They can also help improve your memory and bodily functions, including mobility.

#8 Olive oil

We know consuming cold pressed olive oil or using it for cooking this oil to dramatically reduce your bad cholesterol levels and reduce your risk of heart attacks by up to 40%.

#9. Orange Juice

Oranges provide an excellent source of antioxidants minerals and vitamins, all of which are highly effective at reducing blood pressure. A regular consumption of orange juice can help provide the support to struggling blood vessels and prevent blockages in arteries.

#10 Persimmon Fruit

Research syndicated that persimmon fruits are pine through healthy sterols known to directly reduce your body’s level of bad cholesterol

#11 Pomegranate

Known to be a source of phytochemicals that are linked to improved blood production, pomegranate also boosts your body is nitric oxide production levels

#12 Salmon

Known to play an integral part in the reduction of blood cholesterol levels, the healthy fatty acids found in salmon are also useful in the lowering your high triglyceride levels and fighting inflammation.

#13 Seaweed

A rich source of minerals, proteins, vitamins, antioxidants and carotenoids. Seaweed is an excellent food source linked to blood pressure regulation and reducing bad cholesterol levels.

#14 Watermelon

Watermelon not only helps boost your nitric oxide production, we know it to support your body’s overall health and the health of your blood vessels

#15 Whole Grain

Any foods that are whole grain can enrich your body’s fiber intake and are directly linked to reducing any bad cholesterol levels. They also link the whole grains to the prevention of clogged arteries.

Besides making the dietary changes listed above it’s also recommended that you increase your exercise levels and reduce your alcohol intake and if you’re a smoker, we should immediately take measures to quit smoking as all of this will also improve your heart health. The combination of diet and exercise and healthy life choices are important to avoid the risks of heart attacks and strokes.

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