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Fashion Industry and the Effect of Artificial Intelligence on it


Put on what you want to

If your movie choices are diverse, there is a great chance that you’ll most likely have two different life facets. Your personality is little bit of 90s cult romantic clueless comedy, whereas the other half does not get “Blade Runner” tired also on 2049. Would you trust when we said you’ll be able to combine both sides of the life and also live both these out? You wouldn’t maybe.

It is where the AI or artificial Intelligence comes in handy. With AI getting deeper into fashion industry, it has now become possible to select the total attire according to your imagination.

Get Design Hands Free

Undoubtedly Amazon plays cards well for taking total benefit from artificial intelligence rise. Alexa becomes part of different families around the world. It isn’t any surprise that Jeff Bezos also takes it further. He moved a step forward with Amazon Echo Look. This is more like having your personal designer in hands-free.

Simple and effective Echo look concept is that you’ve selected the dress and are facing the device with AI. Echo Look then takes total-length video or photo according to the command. Also you can see the video or picture on smart device after noticing yourself from different angels before finalizing the outfit. Alexa AI also learns more about the dislikes and likes that you can use every time. This sounds little but eerie at outset, but this is really great.

AI Trail Room

Visiting the dressing room sometimes can turn stressful as lighting within room can highlight all unwanted curves. Also, you can stare at a stranger in mirror. On the top, you don’t have idea about whether outfit you wished to try suited you or isn’t. With AI trail rooms you don’t have to worry about going to such rooms.

In some Mango stores, you get AI mirrors. With these mirrors you check other matching accessories and items that work well with the preferred dress through tag scanning. Also you can check whether outfit can be availed in different sizes or not, AI mirror can also alert detail sales assistant with detail through smart watch. For the tech companies that are already involved in races for making improved mirror vision with other brands in race for providing better quality services, this would be a great start.


The magnificent technology of artificial intelligence (AI) is not a new thing and it is there to stay, the quicker we realize the truth, the better it becomes for us. This can’t be stated as a future technology as already it has lately entered and affected our lives. With AI we got footprints in fashion industry through services and products such as smart mirrors of Mango and hands free designer by Amazon. Knowing boundless AI technology applications, you only notice more quite soon. Whether you would want to make use of such services or devices isn’t the question anymore. It is not possible to change the course or stop inevitable from occurring!

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