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Do You Know That The Tennis Ball Therapy Can Treat Your Sciatic Nerve Agony?



Sciatic Nerve – The preliminary nerve that stretches from the vertebral column towards the posterior side of the leg. Whenever there is any discomfort in the nerves, the Sciatic Nerve problem is evolved. These kinds of discomforts can be in the form of Herniated Disc (Spine Closure) or Spinal Stenosis. The discomfort in the vertebral column or spine evolves when the nerve roots are debilitated, especially due to slipped disk the contraction of the vertebral column. The infected nerve further damages the leg flexibility and increases not only its inflammation and soreness but also can be the reason for leg-numbness.

One proven remedy has been widely accepted across the world that involves a Tennis Soft Ball to get rid of various nerve problems and backache. When you implement this miraculous therapy, you will be applying both the methods viz. Acupressure and Acupuncture to reduce the sore muscle and relieve joint pain. As mentioned earlier, this therapy is a proven fact after undergoing various studies for Relaxed Muscle Tissue, Pain Reduction, and Cure Lumbar Backache.

How Exactly Tennis Ball Therapy Works?

There is one muscle in our body called Piriformis Muscle, which is pear-shaped. The birth of a Tennis Ball was for a specific function – i.e. to treat this pear-shaped Piriformis Muscle, which is positioned adjacent to the hip joint. Usually, leg discomfort and nerve irritation arise when Piriformis Muscle exerts pressure on the Sciatic Nerve. When an extra thrust is put with the help of a tennis ball it enhances muscle healing. This reduces the weakness and strain, thus leading to enhanced leg flexibility and increased blood circulation towards the affected part.

Not only is this therapy highly effective in the case of Sciatica but also for backache. Whenever any type of backache activates the nerve damage, instantly stop the ball from getting it adjacent to the flattened nerve. This will surely curtail the risk of unwarranted harm.

How Is The Tennis Ball Therapy Performed?

This therapy is directly related to your backache and balance capacity, wherein you can opt for more than one tennis ball. When you use one tennis ball, due to reduced surface area additional force is exerted to the affected region that may lead to extra pain. So, when you increase the number of balls to two, the pressure equilibrium is perfectly maintained thus exerting divided pressure and reducing the pain.

·Exert your weight gradually in the direction of the tennis ball and simultaneously locate those areas that are growing tender.

·Proceed further by using very little exertion to push the aching part and wait in that position for around 20 seconds.

·Now, you can move the ball on the disc in an up and down momentum (similar to yoyo movement) very gently

·In case the pain is severe you can attach extra balls to discharge any direct pressure on the affected part.

Seldom will you ever get any extra stress or pressure from this useful therapy!

Important Notes:

·Switch the ball slowly.

·One point to be noted here is to work very slowly with this therapy. Else, it might be a boomerang, and instead of giving you any relief, the pain might worsen.

·Remember, whenever there is a very sharp pain, you should totally avoid this therapy because it worsens the affected nerves.

Additional Therapy’s:

Some of the extra pain-relieving methods to reduce backache and muscle relaxation are – usage of cold and hot bags.

In case there is continual pain in the vertebral column or lower back never delay in meeting your family physician or a specialist.

Irrespective of all the methods you use or all the therapy you try out but still the pain persists and makes it difficult for you to lead a normal life trying to make use of additional therapies like – Yoga, Chiropractic Therapy, and Steroidal Injections!

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